Peggle Deluxe help and info

  • What is Peggle Deluxe?

    This is a casual puzzle video game that has been built on the success of the original Peggle game. Players start each level with a limited supply of coloured balls that they need to shoot at a field of coloured pegs to create patterns and clock up high scores.

  • Is Peggle Deluxe Free?

    Gamers who wish to play the deluxe version of the game will need to pay a small one time fee. However, the original version of the game is free to play and this is a good place to start so that players can determine if they wish to pay for the deluxe version while a free trial of the deluxe version is available.

  • How Many Levels Does Peggle Deluxe Have?

    There are 55 different levels of the game for players to complete. While each level is essentially the same, the speed gradually increases and there are different power ups to collect as well as a collection of ten different Magical Powers.

  • Is Peggle Deluxe Suitable for Children?

    The cute and colourful style of the game makes it completely suitable for children. There is no adult content that parents need to be aware of such as swearing or violence and the game can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

  • Where is the Peggle Deluxe Save Games Folder?

    Windows users who wish to access the game after downloading it should find it in their Program Files directory under PopCap games. Mac users will need to access their personal library and find PopCap in their Application Support folder.

  • What Extras Does Peggle Deluxe Come With?

    A large number of additional features have been created for the deluxe version of Peggle. These include a large number of additional levels and power ups, while the game promises to be faster and more engaging than ever before to keep puzzle lovers on their toes.

  • Is Peggle Deluxe Easy to Play?

    People who have played the original version of Peggle are sure to be able to take to the game straight away. The game controls are the same and have been designed to be very easy to master, while the learning curve is not very steep.

  • Is a Registration Key Required for Peggle Deluxe?

    People who want to play the full version of the game after the trial period has come to an end will need to pay a small fee. On receivable of the payment, they will be sent a registration key, which needs to be used only once and will give them full access to the game.

  • What are Peggle Deluxe Style Points?

    Style points are created for completing special moves while playing the game. some of the most common special moves that style points are awarded for include the long shot, super long shot, off the wall, lucky bounce, extreme slide, eye of the pyramid and double green peg.

  • What are Peggle Deluxe Power Ups?

    A number of special power ups have been created to help players to complete special shots and gain high scores. These power ups appear in the form of symbols that are released when particular balls are removed and they need to be caught as they float down from the top of the screen.

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